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Past Projects (Logged in 2009)

Here are just a few examples of the issues we've addressed over the last few years:

  • Duke Energy Relicensing Update
    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued its Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) in July 2009. This is the last step in Duke Energy’s relicense application to operate the Catawba-Wateree electrical generation project for 50 years. The CLJ Inter-basin Transfer (IBT) Committee under George Johnson’s leadership submitted public comments regarding their Draft EIS. They will also respond to the FEIS, to again argue adding normal useable storage to Lake Norman. Apparently, they do not
    understand the interconnected bathtub analogy.
  • Inter-basin Transfer (IBT) Update
    South Carolina (SC) waits their turn to be heard in the US Supreme Court regarding their allocation of Catawba River water. SC’s Attorney General would like the opportunity to be heard in the highest court in the land (what lawyer wouldn’t). A federal decision may affect North Carolina’s IBT decision for Concord and Kannapolis. Once the federal case is resolved, the 2007 administrative appeals filed by Save the Catawba Coalition (municipalities up and down the river) and the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation and
    Southern Environmental Law Center may be resolved.
  • Shoreline Protection Plan
    Last fall, a CLJ group met with Burke County Planning and Development and presented some amendments. Their efforts resulted in reducing some of the permit fees and being a little more practical in working near the shoreline to repair walls and place rip-rap. This is a 15-page report and can be copied for your files from our website.
  • Construction Project / Catawba Dam on Lake James
    This is a program given by Earl Whitehurst, Site Safety Manager for Duke Energy with information and photos of the dam project in progress. This work is slated to continue for 2 ½ years before completion. It will be 10 feet higher, have 4 more gates and will be 40 feet wider – among many other items to be done. He has kept CLJ informed of the process and will soon be giving another program with photos of the work completed. Some of the members were given a tour of the construction.
  • Lake James State Park
    Sean McElhone, Superintendent of Lake James State Park gave a program on the construction of the new addition to the State Park - which will make it 6 times the original size with 30 miles of shoreline. This is due to the purchase from Crescent Resources by the State – 2915 Acres – that will consist of a new swimming area with a sandy beach, parking area for 450 cars, walking trails, picnic shelters and a large bath house… just to mention a few of the things going on.
  • Catawba Riverkeeper
    David Merryman became the new Riverkeeper on April 1, 2008- he presented a program and slide show at our May meeting. He has a huge job of keeping watch throughout the 5,000 square miles of Catawba River Basin in North and South Carolina. He makes sure polluters are held accountable for their offenses, speaks out against inadequate and lackadaisical approaches to water stewardship. These are just a few things that he works with every day - He needs our eyes to help - So while you are out on the
    river and you see a concern you can call [ 704-770-5530 ] or e-mail him [ david@catawbariverkeeper.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ] and he will check on it and give you an answer after investigation.
  • Muddy Water Watch
    Bob Long, George Johnson and Gresham Orrison have taken the training in the Muddy Water Watch program as this is a way that we can help with erosion control. Bob states that in the last 7 years there has been an increase in sediment - mostly from paving, removing trees from along the shore line, wash from boat traffic and wind – as well as laws that exempt farmers, miners and foresters from preventing run-off on their properties. They need others trained to aid in enforcement violations. So join up.
  • Environmental Issues
    We had a Spring Clean Up of areas around the edge of the lake on the McDowell side called “2009 BIG SWEEP” on May 16, 2009. This is all done by volunteers and they do a great job.
  • Habitat Committee
    Under the supervision of Mac Hoffman, who has been working closely with the NC Wildlife Volunteers, more than 100 man-hours have been put into building 400 Porcupines which have been placed in 25 locations in the lake. This will enhance the fish habitat for all those that fish Lake James.
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